We’re in the middle of most rapid and wide-ranging organizational change process I’ve ever been a part of. Many find this exciting. Outsiders and friends in the industry have said to me, “Finally. You should have done this months ago.” Some are feeling displaced and angry. Others quietly express concerns.

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Lord, I hurt for those who are hurting in our transition.
My own heart aches.
My mind races, anticipating – rightly or wrongly or incompletely – the losses of the sweet culture grown up on our tiny little team.

One of many teams in a huge organization.

You are leading us; we cannot go back.

As we lament, Lord,
     hear our prayers,
     heal our hearts,
     comfort your people.
     Open our eyes
          to fresh possibilities.
     Steady our feet to stand on You, our Rock.
     Guard our hearts from pity and pride,
          and from fear of the unknown.
     Fill our minds with wise ideas.
     Tune our ears to listen to your Spirit,
          and to one another.
     Strengthen our hands

          for the good work You have for us.

Protect us, protect me, from Rehoboam’s Folly.
Give us the bold humility of Jesus.
Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
    but to you be the glory.

Leadership in the digital age requires an immense amount of flexibility and agility as new information surfaces. Gone are the days of five year strategic plans. We operate off a clear vision map and a set of 12 month goals broken down into small tactical sprints.

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