Movement Thoughts from London’s Lounge

May 1, 2007 — Leave a comment

I spent this week in Mallorca, Spain, listening and learning a lot about what God is doing in Western Europe. There are fresh breezes of hope and faith blowing through conversations. Hearts are turning, students want to hear about life – real Life.

My friend Deb Heefner facilitated some great discussions about movements among Christian leaders from Spain, Italy, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the UK and a dozen other countries. Number one question: So what exactly IS a movement, anyway? You can see one definition based on the church in Antioch in Deb’s slide.

Here’s another winner I came across this week: “A movement is a group of people who consciously, and at their own cost, connect to change the status quo.”

Question for us as aspiring leaders: What cost am I willing to pay to change the status quo?

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