Listening Board

May 29, 2007 — 2 Comments

Before we can lead well we must learn to follow. And to follow closely we must tune our ears to listen.

Our noisy culture deafens me to the more subtle whispers of God’s Spirit. I need a time and place where I can tune it all out and listen.

For the past seven years the time has been 5 a.m. The place has been our kitchen table. I have never had an office in my home, or any manspace to speak of. This five foot plank has been my listening board almost every day I’ve woken up here. It’s simple, seats six, and is nothing special to look at. Yet it is the place where God has met me, opened my mind and heart to His will, and revealed His desires to me. Armed with coffee, journal, and the Word, it’s provided the perfect anvil on which to pound out the realities of life and relationships.

We leave Singapore June 1. I will miss this holy place. The search begins for a new listening board.

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  1. We will miss ya’ll too.

    In Him and Much Luv,

  2. Ken,

    I should put this post where I see it every day. How easily I forget the need to get away from the noise of my life and what can be restored through silence. Thanks for the reminder.

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