Know Your People

May 2, 2008 — Leave a comment

Last night I witnessed some excellent old-fashioned leadership at Timber Creek High School’s Awards Night. Following the opening fanfare, principal John Wright rose to introduce the “Leaders of the Pack.” Out of a graduating senior class of 1,000 and a high shool with an enrollment of 4,500, these 16 or so Timber Creek Wolves were selected from among the top 70 recommended by faculty as leaders among their peers.

Travis and I both gawked in amazement. Mr. Wright introduced each student by name, then added personal remarks such as “Tim Gooldy, dual-sport athlete in soccer and lacrosse, also a member of such and such clubs and the National Honor Society, and….” Why were we amazed? Because the man had no notes in front of him. He knew these students.

People today long to be known. Whether Wolves or sheep or people, servant leaders know well the state of their flock. Way to go, John Wright!

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