You Are What You Read

February 6, 2009 — 2 Comments

Leaders are readers… because leaders must be continual learners. For years I have made it a practice to ask others whom I respect what they are reading, then pick up the best books and glean from them. There is much wisdom to be wrought from others’ insights and experiences. Here is my 2009 Leadership Reading List. These authors have shaped my thinking on how to live well, love well, and lead well.

2 responses to You Are What You Read

  1. The great English pastor FB Meyer has written about biblical men and women and all his volumes are outstanding.

    Carolyn James has a new book on Ruth that will turn your thinking upside down.

    Surely, you read more women’s writing than listed! How about some of the great Desert Mothers? And biographies! There’s diamonds in there, no doubt.

  2. I’ve been reminded of this exact topic recently while reading Hybel’s new book, Axiom. Thanks for sharing your list. Lots of familiar titles and others that we will look forward to reading soon. Mark is particularly burdened to impart this leadership principle to the staff team at IBC.

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