Big Win for a Non: Wikipedia

September 22, 2009 — 1 Comment

This should be interesting. Wikimedia (the non-profit foundation that supports Wikipedia) has just announced that it is going to open it up its strategic planning process. In a world where most strategic plans are designed by a few behind closed doors it’s nice to breathe some fresh air. This HBR post explains how Wikipedia will throw open the windows:

Over the coming months we hope to provide readers of this blog with a window into this unprecedented endeavor from a range of perspectives (volunteers, staff, board members, strategy consultants, external advisors and more). We’re essentially going to blog the Wikimedia strategic planning process pretty much as it happens. We think our innovations (those that work and those that flop) will generate new ideas, lessons and approaches for organizations and movements as they look to tackle strategy development and consider the question of how one “organizes” a massive global movement. We also want to tap into your expertise, perspectives and creativity for the benefit of this strategy work.

That is really, really cool. Imagine tapping into the passions and perspectives of any interested constituent to help you build your movement. This is bold leadership for a new generation. I’m looking forward to following this process.

And all from a non-profit.

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