Inbox Zero = Sabbath Rest

September 26, 2009 — 4 Comments

Sure, Hillary climbed Everest. But how often did he do this?


How does one achieve such a blessed state? As with all great human endeavors, it begins with a compelling vision. In my case, this vision takes the form of “I want to go home every weekend seeing the bottom of my inbox. I want to savor a Sabbath rest. I want to exit that Sabbath with energy and hunger for next week’s new opportunities and not just manage what’s been going on.”

At some point we have to answer the question: What’s the difference between hovering at 500 or hovering at zero?

Answer: Nothing, really.

Kudos to:

  • David Allen (Twitter: @gtdguy) and Getting Things Done for believing in me
  • for practical how-to’s and “mind-like-water” thinking
  • Erik Butz, MySan McGowan, Jason Dencklau and Kelly Sasser, my fellow Inbox Ninjas over the past five years

4 responses to Inbox Zero = Sabbath Rest

  1. Praise the Lord, PRAISE THE LORD!!

    (and I mean it! – my Gmail inbox is at 1193 “unread” e-mails)

  2. Hey, congratulations. Very spiritual!

  3. I would love to experience that Sabbath. I’m hovering at about 50 – it’s been at least 3 months since it was zero. Teach me what I have not yet learned!

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