Build Men, not Monuments

October 22, 2009 — 1 Comment

Ken and Mark in Perga

I had the wonderful privilege of spending my week near Antalya, Turkey with 170 associates from 37 countries at the MinistryNet09 Conference. Very cool. We immersed ourselves in collaborative workgroups focused on one thing: effectively leveraging the web and social networks to glorify God and help fulfill the Great Commission.

Yesterday an optional outing took us to Perga where Paul and Barnabas “preached the Word” on their first missionary journey as they were returning to Antioch (Acts 14:25). A theater, a sports stadium and the expansive agora market remain visible in the old city center, the long-silent hub of her citizens’ ancient social networks.

As we wandered among the broken columns and fallen stones, I wondered aloud with my friends David and Mark about the lasting value of stuff. Hans joined us for cappuccinos and a robust discussion of church-planting theory and practice as we watched the sun drop into the Mediterranean Sea.

Leadership Lesson: Build Men, not Monuments.

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  1. Hey Ken. Love the concept and the alliteration. But I’m sad for the omission of women. I know, Man means mankind, which includes women. But it doesn’t always feel that way to women. In cultures around the world, they remain invisible. Help us give them a voice!

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