Video: Develop Your Gift

January 6, 2011 — 5 Comments

Here’s an amazing video of a 12-year old that will blow you away.

How did Jordan get this good? He did two things: he identified his natural talent and gifting (with help from his dad), then he spent two hours a day honing his skills. This is a great example of how mentoring and self-leadership work together to produce excellence.

Each of us has at least one talent (if not many more) which has been given to us by God. Yet our culture of comparison often causes us to envy someone else’s gift rather than developing our own. We serve others best when we relax in our own gifting and do what we love. To this end, the apostle Paul encouraged his young protege Timothy to develop his gift, urging him “not to neglect the gift you have” and “to fan into flame the gift of God.” (1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6)

What are you naturally gifted to do? How are you honing that gift? Who is mentoring you in this effort?

5 responses to Video: Develop Your Gift

  1. What a great word for the day. I especially like your line “We serve others best when we relax in our own gifting and do what we love” in light of Paul’s encouragement to Timothy. That’s an encouragement for me as well!

    – Justin

  2. Love the video! Wow! And love the challenge–discover and develop.

  3. A good reminder for us to be committed to honing our skills. I started out spending two hours a day reading the bible and it took me to a whole new level. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up the practice. I’ll need to go back to it again.

  4. Jeedoo and Sam, your combined insights lead me to think about a discover – develop – discipline cycle in sharpening our gifts. If any piece is missing, over time the impact of using one’s gifts will be greatly diminished.


    check out this link– we are all more sculptable than we think! potential realized comes from practicing and working hard, not merely from gifting.

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