I Was A Prodigal

June 2, 2011 — 4 Comments

I was a prodigal.

Sure, I masked my inner rebellion with excellent grades, modest athletic achievement, student leadership positions and a high degree of socialization. But the truth was still there.

I was a prodigal.

I ran from God. I ran from reality. Chasing wine, women and song helped me gain over 15 kg my first year of college and cut my grade point average nearly in half.

Some of my friends reached out to me. They helped me see that I was leaving a wake of strained and broken relationships behind me. They didn’t judge me (well, some did). A few close friends demonstrated that they cared more for me than for my approval. They spoke hard truth with radical grace into my situation.

I was a prodigal. These friends were the arms of a loving father, reaching out and waiting for me to return. To forgive. To invite me to more.

Thanks, friends. It is in your honor that I pray for prodigals on this annual Prayer for Prodigals day, June 2. You can pray for them too. If you want more information, or have interest in journeying with others who are wrestling with a prodigal, visit here.

After all, we’re all prodigals in need of radical grace, aren’t we?

Read Jesus’ version of the story here.

4 responses to I Was A Prodigal

  1. Thanks for your honesty. Aren’t we all? I’m praying with you.

  2. Amen and amen! How deep the Father’s love for us- How vast beyond all measure!

  3. Oh yes. I certainly was. Got saved out of it at 15. But of course still am. Thanks for the help on gathering prayer!

  4. So well written. Thanks for the reminder to pray, if even a day late.

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