Video: Social Media Revolution 2011

August 29, 2011 — 1 Comment

I know you’re probably tired of hearing more statistics about social media.

But how well do you use it?

How well does your organization, business, church or local ministry use social media to empower your vision champions? To drive change? To bring new business in the front door? To accomplish your mission?

As leaders we need to speak the language of the people we’re leading today as well as those we’ll be influencing (and being influenced by) five to ten years from now. Here’s one of the best (read: shorter and better music) updates to the ShiftHappens video series. Ignore the facts to your own peril.

And the longer version with the old, familiar Fatboy Slim track.


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  1. Thanks, Ken, for keeping this before us!! Some get it. Way too many don’t.

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