Video: This is Church!

September 13, 2011 — 3 Comments

What if we tried a fresh, 20-century-old approach to church?

It might look like this…

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  1. Dr. Ken-how do u know the percentages of your posts? (I think you have it in the left hand corner of this page..) Very cool and helpful!!
    Thanks! Can’t believe Travis had a birthday- we are getting old! 🙂
    tris and brian

  2. @tristie – I use a WordPress plugin widget called “Popularity Contest” that allows tracking of most popular posts. If you’re running WordPress for your blog this is an option.

  3. Interesting that what compels in the video is the high touch, the relationships, the opportunities to minister and the changed lives. Also interesting that ALL of it can be accomplished physically OR virtually. It’s all in how you approach your audiences.

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