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If you’re a leader, we need you to act.

Of course, action can assume many forms. But consistent inaction from you ultimately leads us to wonder if you’re really there; if you really care. Inaction breeds distrust. Action requires faith and builds trust. If you’re stuck, if you’re deciding, if you’re overwhelmed, just let us know. We may feel the same way. Invite us into the chaos and share the leadership load.  That’s why we’re here. Prolonged inaction kills morale, squanders resources, and places our mission at risk.

Help us see what you see. Maybe there are some really good reasons you’re choosing to wait. Waiting doesn’t necessarily equal inaction. Your choice to wait could be flowing from reflection or a nudge from the Spirit of God.  We need you to think and we need you to pray. Just let us know what’s going on inside your head and your heart.

Action can include more research, another phone call, some robust team interaction, intentional neglect or a call to fast and pray. We’ll support you. Or maybe we’ll challenge your position with the intent of getting to the best course of action. But whatever you do, please, don’t leave us hanging.

You’re a leader and we need you to act.

What regularly causes you to avoid taking action?

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  1. I really appreciated this, especially considering my cancer. It reminded me of my latest blog: – act on what you know is true and give God time to reveal himself through the fog. And I really affirm letting others into the process. Communication is Action!

  2. Action and leadership go beside each other. To be a true and effective leader requires action on our part. Fear of the unknown or failure can at times hold me back from taking action, when this happens I try and make it a point to focus on the long term results and not my current feelings. Great post!

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