A Year In Digital Strategies

June 13, 2014 — 2 Comments

I have a confession to make. In April 2013 when I accepted the role of VP of global digital strategies I had no idea what I was getting into.

I was, however, convinced of the massive, undeniable influence digital culture wielded in our world, and therefore on our organization. And I had faith that God wanted us to dive into the digital river.

Since then we’ve come a long way. We have acquired an entire new vocabulary, daily tossing around terms such as customer decision journey, UX/UI, digital marketing, bounce rates, CTRs and CTAs, predictive analytics, outside-in, responsive content, and digital maturity.

Recently we took a step back to evaluate some of the snapshots and highlights of the past 14 months. Russ and Matt, two teammates, put together a brief timeline to highlight what God has done. You can enjoy it below. Just hover over the left or right side and click through our journey. I hope you’re as encouraged as I am.


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  1. When I go to this link, I see the headline but no content. Is it because I’m not yet signed up for the newsletter? Can’t wait to see what the year has brought!

  2. Retract! Working for me now. So great! Celebrating the year with you and your team!

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