What is Digital Maturity?

How digitally mature is the organization you work for?

One year ago I didn’t even understand the question, much less have any way to answer it. Over the past 12 months a number of my colleagues and I have been exploring the implications of being digitally immature in a 21st century global culture in which:

  • 4 continents have more mobile phone subscriptions than they have people
  • 25% of North Americans access the internet only via a mobile device
  • terrorists have become experts at using social media to recruit and radicalize members toward their cause

Digital maturity occurs when an organization is increasing both in digital capabilities (mobile apps, social media engagement, delightful user experiences) and transformational leadership across every nook and cranny in the organization.

Here’s a short four-minute video that explains some key concepts I’ve shared with some of our staff about digital maturity. The “10M” represents our desire to empower 10 million multiplying leaders around the world to do what God has called them to do.

Look at the chart below. Which quadrant best describes the current state of your organization, church or business?

Credit: Capgemini Consulting, The Digital Advantage

Source: Capgemini Consulting, The Digital Advantage

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