Humility Comes Before Honor

April 20, 2017 — 4 Comments

Humility. It is my word for the year, and my consistent answer when teammates and friends ask how they can pray for me. I have been studying it, asking for it, and often in humiliating ways learning how much I need it.

Humility comes before honor. ~ Proverbs 15:33

My good friend Tristie Fisher recently wrote a brief post that captures much of what I’ve been thinking about, so I asked her if I could share it with you. Under the title “Honor? Position? Power? Here’s How” she writes:

“After 25 years of working with amazing leaders, there are certain things that are always true. My heroes are men & women of deep humility. 2 weeks ago, @pastorbriangfisher taught 2 principles from Matthew 20 that gave us all pause! “We want honor without humility. We want authority without submission.” Zing! We get it-we all struggle here! Instead of asking a generic , “Am I proud?” Join me in asking yourself these questions.

1. How low am I willing to go?

2. How much of the world’s success have I brought into my faith?

3. Am I disrespectful to my current authority?

4. Am I known for a loving or critical spirit?

5. Is my heart living in awe toward God or anger toward God?

“If you’re like me, these questions cut to the quick. Yet, we all want more of Jesus, more peace, more joy, & more satisfaction! Maybe it’s time to step up to going low.”

You can read more from Tristie at

4 responses to Humility Comes Before Honor

  1. This is such a timely and important reminder! Thanks Ken for sharing and living authentically before God and man. For me, I wrestle most with this question:.

    ‘How much of the world’s success have I brought into my faith?’

    And it’s not necessarily because I have a lot of worldly success to speak of, but because of my own pride, thinking I have so much to offer, that I’m capable in this and that… often thinking I can do it better than others.

    Yet the key journey God has me on is the constant (but loving) reminder that He desires to use me more out of who I am, that what I do. If my heart is anchored on this simple truth, and my eyes on Him always, I won’t have to strive to prove myself, or be restless when things don’t go my way.

  2. Thank you Ken for these sobering questions.

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