Are You A Keeper Of The Vision?

January 31, 2018 — Leave a comment

How clear and simple is your vision?

When God brings a fresh vision for necessary change, he raises up people to carry those ideas forward. A few years ago God brought a fresh vision to the non-profit ministry in which I serve. A vision that we weren’t quite sure how to implement. A vision that would require us to significantly recruit, restructure, and commit ourselves to an entirely different and rapid way of working.

Recently a few friends captured this vision in a two-minute video. I hope you’ll watch it.

What kind of progress have we seen? Well, more than 60 different partnering organizations, with participants in over 90 nations, are working together to create and share digital tools to help people know and follow Jesus Christ. In 2017, these tools were downloaded and used in every single nation of the world except one. May we see that nation touched in 2018.

Are you a keeper of the vision?

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